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Fit Employee Training Into Your Busy Schedule 

Thanks to our friends over at ej4, they put together a brief article on how you can adapt employee training into your busy work schedule. Let’s face it, you’ve probably experienced a day in which you just couldn’t get everything done. Between meeting with clients, doing your work, answering emails and helping co-workers, every moment

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Tailor Your Pitch

Lets face it… each department within your organization is crucial to succeed. Without the management team you wouldn’t have goals to shoot for, without the accounting department you wouldn’t get paid, without your on-air or talent team you wouldn’t have a product. Each organization has its own “circle of life”. Although, maybe a bit less

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30+ New Courses in June

Here’s another reminder that we launched a new website, p1learning.com. If you’re just now figuring this out, it has obviously been awhile (at least two weeks) since you have last watched a training course. Where the heck have you been!? This month our folks have uploaded more than 30 new training courses in topics such

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