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Elevate your learning experience with our live and in-person training sessions. Join us for engaging and interactive sessions led by expert trainers, and unlock your full potential in a dynamic and supportive learning environment.

A Few Of Our Workshop Titles

Brilliant At The Basics

Most sellers have trouble tackling the topic of “the close”. We talk a big game, we pontificate, but deep down, every time we ask for the order, we hold our breath and briefly look skyward with a quick and silent prayer. In this session we will look at the sales process and modify our approach for the new millennium. It’s time to become brilliant at the basics. Your new ABC’s… Always. Be. Confirming.

Audience: Managers & Sellers

How To Build A Successful Onboarding Culture

Employee onboarding is one of the most important steps in engaging new employees. It’s critical to lay out your internal culture from day one and affirm through consistent communication during their entire career life cycle. No matter the job title, learn our time-tested onboarding approach.

Audience: Leaders & Managers

Embracing Digital Sales

You must become an absolute champion of both traditional and digital media. And that’s going to require you to set aside all your pre-conceived media biases. You are no longer a “media rep”, because you my friend are a brand and marketing specialist! Whether it’s digital or traditional media, the process of building a brand is the same. Embracing this is your first step toward success.

Audience: Managers & Sellers

Attracting Millennial & GenZ Employees

In this session we’ll do a little time travel to challenge teams to think about the future needs of both their customer and their internal employees.

Audience: Leaders & Managers

Rethinking Brainstorming

Have you ever gathered to brainstorm and then left the meeting without any useful ideas, feeling like your time has been wasted, and knowing that you’ve wasted the time of your team? That’s about to change! Together we’ll provide you with a time-tested approach to brainstorming.

Audience: General Audience

Time Management

Look at your to-do list. Is there anything on the list that you’ve been avoiding for one reason or another? We are all granted the same 24/7 week. It’s what you do with your time that counts. In this session you will learn a three-tiered system for making the most of your time.

Audience: General Audience

Workshop Details

  • Length: 1 to 3 Hours / Half Day / Full Day
  • Audience Needs Assessment
  • Onsite Presenter & Presentation Graphics
  • Post In-Person Online Training Support Course(s)
  • Additional Training Topics Available

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