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Our online video training library is highly effective, rivaling live training and surpassing interactive courseware. Topics encompass leadership, management, sales, human resources, creativity, customer service, and more. The courses are engaging, brief (10 minutes or less), and offer tests and downloadable materials.

We’ve Got Your Topic Covered

Entry Ad Sales

Learn how to address the client’s underlying need and get to know your own product, “advertising”.

Advanced Ad Sales

Expand your current skillsets by educating your clients and improving your presentation style.

Digital Ad Sales

Cut through the digital jargon and offer useable guidance to help your clients business grow.


Set values, direction and performance expectations to increase satisfaction and company profitability.


Cyber Security

Learn best practices to keep your personal and professional information safe and secure.


Customer Service

Create conversation, become an effective listener, and learn how to master non-verbal skills.

Health & Wellness

Maintaining your physical and mental health is important to keep you functioning at your best.

HR Compliance

Learn how to legally “stay within the lines” and avoid the key problems of workplace compliance.

Need An Online Platform? We Can Help

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Learning Management System (LMS) or you’re looking to standout among the crowd with an OTT based learning platform like our Ten-Minute Trainer Network platform, we’d love to help create a social and collaborative learning environment for you.

Training Topic Spotlight

Digital Ad Sales

This topic is designed to train sales professionals on the essentials of digital media and how to build successful customer programs integrating both traditional and digital assets. This no-nonsensereal-world approach cuts through digital jargon and offers useable guidance helping sales professionals build cross-channel programs that not only grow their client’s business, but also their own.

Ultimately the program is designed to help professionals build successful programs producing optimal results for clients – increasing both their credibility, confidence and salary potential.

Cyber Security

It’s hard to have a conversation about cybersecurity without throwing around a lot of tech jargon, so we’ll break down some common cybersecurity terms. We’ll define cyberspace, cybersecurity, cybercrime, and cyberterrorism. We’ll also go over other familiar terms including malware, phishing attacks and emails, and identity theft while focusing on ways that you can protect yourself and your company.

Curriculum-Based Approach.

Having hundreds of video training courses is great, but how many employees are actually using them? And how many of those tie back to making or saving you money? At P1 Learning, we like to simplify things.

Sure, we have a wide range of courses in topics like management, sales, customer service, and business skills, but the content needs to adhere to your needs, not the generic company next door. Together we’ll analyze your issues and build a training curriculum that just… well, fits. This way you know exactly which courses will get you the results that you’re looking for.


The Training Stats

Did you know that 41% of employees who receive poor training will leave their post within a year. Think about it, for every 10 people that you hire, you’ll lose 4 of them.

That’s why it’s crucial to have short refresher courses and job aides for continual on-the-job usage.

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