Our Solutions

Online On-Demand Training

Through an annual partnership we’ll connect and work one-on-one with your company or association to cater directly to your needs. Specifically, each individual employee will be provided with a username, password and have a curriculum arranged to their job position.

Virtual Seller OnBoarding

Our seven-week onboarding program leads entry level sellers through a combination of live and online training courses, conferences, testing, and homework assignments. P1 Plus emphasizes each aspect of the sales cycle, building both confidence and know how from day one.

Live & In-Person Training

Our network of trainers have a wide range of live session topics including Sales, Management, Recruitment, DE&I, Goal Planning and more. Each of our live an in-person sessions catered specific to your audience are highly interactive to keep audiences engaged.

Webinar & Workshops

Our webinars are designed to keep employees up-to-date and provide them with real-world techniques that they can use today. To help transfer knowledge from short-term to long-term, P1 Learning accompanies each webinar with post-event online training courses.

Executive Coaching

We’ve teamed up with experts from Executive Development Associates to help analyze leader strengths and development opportunities, clarify goals, develop action plans, address new skill needs and eliminate obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Collegiate Workshops

The goal is to introduce students to the world of advertising sales. Specifically, we work hand in hand with colleges and instructors to ensure our content aligns to the needs of their class while also providing a recruitment pool for our industry.

You Need Training That Works

Our customers love our solutions. Why? We understand how the typical training goes. A trainer runs up to the podium immaculately dressed, perfect tan, gleaming white teeth, and you’re told to reframe, reset, and grow. At some point you were probably handed a giant booklet (which you paid $79.95 for… that’s a steal) but now, you’re left with nothing but a blank stare.

With P1 Learning’s online training, bypass the previous. Our research shows that if we shorten the courses into bite-sized learning, add in a little humor, and deliver the solution directly to the user (at home or in the office), they’ll actually retain the information. So go ahead and sip your morning latte and toss that giant booklet in the trash, because training just became easier.

Content Strong Points

Whether you’re a manager looking for weekly training tips or looking to take your new hire from rookie to ready, you need an all-in-one training program that pinpoints to your needs… wherever you or your team may be. That’s why we focus on your most asked for topics.

  • Advertising Sales
  • Leadership / Supervision
  • HR Compliance
  • Customer Service

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