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How To Send A Cold Email

I’m going to say it… prospecting sucks. The thought of picking up the phone and reaching out into the unknown just feels all wrong.  Think about it, throughout our childhood we were told not to talk to strangers. “Stranger danger”, right!?  Fast forward a few years and here we are in our career in media

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Focus On Opening The Sale

Ah, the close. That part of the sales speele that determines whether you or your salesperson gets paid or not. No wonder you’re always on the lookout for new closing techniques that promise big commission checks. Don’t you wish there could be some magic sentence that can put the customer into a purchasing trance? Well…

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Tailor Your Pitch

Lets face it… each department within your organization is crucial to succeed. Without the management team you wouldn’t have goals to shoot for, without the accounting department you wouldn’t get paid, without your on-air or talent team you wouldn’t have a product. Each organization has its own “circle of life”. Although, maybe a bit less

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Happy Birthday America… almost.

We all live in great communities with many blessings. Take the time to thank your customers. Take the time to inform your audience that buying local is the American way. Create a campaign to talk about the pride in your community, the value of doing business with local owners. Encourage your audience to remember the value

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