“Rookie” to “Ready”

“Rookie” to “Ready”

by | Aug 27, 2013

P1 Plus will take your new hire from “rookie” to “ready” in only 7 weeks!

 Happy budget season! Hard to believe that it’s that time of year already. Seems like we just received approval for the 2013 plan and now we’re getting those save- the-date e-mails from corporate that 2014 planning is about to get under way. Yikes!

If next year’s plan includes the addition of new sellers, then you are now faced with your next major challenge: How do you give them the proper training necessary to be successful? The blank stare of a rookie salesperson that needs you to give them the time that they deserve (and that you don’t have) is frustrating for both of you!

That’s why we developed P1 Plus. For seven weeks, P1 Learning trainers take your entry-level sellers through an intense combination of live and online training courses, conferencing, testing, and homework assignments. You know, really building on the basics. This is real world stuff. The final project actually takes your new hire through the entire sales cycle with a real account and one-on-one coaching with P1 Trainers.

We offer our courses throughout the year, but space is limited and our past three classes have sold out fast. Want to know more? Click here to get the full story.

Happy budgeting and save us a line item in this year’s plan!

– Speed

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