Stay Sizzlin’ This Summer

Stay Sizzlin’ This Summer

by | Jul 12, 2023

School is out, the sun is shining, and summer is here! While summer can be a busy time, between festivals, fairs, and family vacations, it can also be a difficult time to maintain your sales momentum. Whether your contacts are out of the office, or deciding to back off their purchasing for the season, summer can be a frustrating time for sales. Here are some tips to overcome these obstacles and stay sizzlin’ this summer.  

The Dreaded OOO  

Summer is the perfect time to take a family vacation, and that means that you may be seeing a higher amount of “Out of Office” messages in your inbox. This can sometimes be frustrating, (we have all been there) but the most important thing to remember is that everyone needs and deserves to take time away from work to enjoy time with family and friends. So when that person does return to work, they will likely have a full inbox to sort through.  Here is a pro tip: Take note of the date they are set to return to the office and create a reminder to reach out either by phone or in person a day or two later. This gives them a chance to catch up and gives you a chance to stand out as the person willing to loop back with more than an email response.  

Summer Vacations 

Everyone loves going on vacation and taking time away from work but getting ready for vacation can be stressful. Leading up to a vacation, the temptation to ruminate on what you may miss while you’re gone can impact your ability to enjoy yourself. In these situations, the best defense can be a better offense. Plan your vacations well enough in advance so you know exactly what you need and how to prepare. Prioritize your daily tasks, and if there is something that cannot be put off until you’re back, try to delegate those tasks ahead of time. This way, you can make any necessary introductions with your clients and familiarize your coworkers with your process so you can truly unplug and enjoy yourself, knowing that you can pick things back up when you get back.  

Community Events 

Nice weather opens a lot of opportunities for your community. Keeping up with the activities in your area opens a door to creating and growing relationships, both with new and existing clients. Try to attend and participate in these events, not just as a potential to make a sale, but as a way to really get to know your community. Summer is the perfect opportunity to listen to stories, create memories, and learn about everyone in your community. These relationships help you learn about your clients and potential clients in a low-pressure environment so that when opportunities arise, you are focused less on the sale, and focused more on meeting your clients’ needs.  


Downtime can often carry a negative connotation when we look at the mentality of “the hustle”. Too often we feel we must constantly be busy, but this isn’t always true. If you’re experiencing a lower-volume week, take advantage of some of the resources at your disposal. Check out some new content on the Ten-Minute Trainer Network to improve your sales strategies, or even just focus on your mental health. Reach out to others in your organization to hear about their perspectives. Plan ahead for upcoming promotions with less pressure of a deadline. Filling downtime doesn’t have to be stressful.  

Summer is supposed to be a fun time for everyone! We hope these tips will help you stay sizzlin’ without overheating!  For more tips, check out our Sizzlin’ Summer Content on the Ten-Minute Trainer Network. 

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