No, But, If™

No, But, If™

by | Sep 24, 2013

As sellers, we are conditioned to say “yes” when our customer wants something. But two bad things can happen…

No, But, If

1. We give away the store.

2. We get nothing in return. 

We are conditioned to say “yes”. Stop customer nibbling, and the resulting erosion of profit by getting over the idea that we must always say “yes”, and instead should say: “No, But, If™”.

Customers want as much as possible for free. They want the moon, but you are not the man on the moon!

Just say “No, But, If™”

I know what you’re staying… “are you crazy? I can’t say ‘no'”. True, but if you follow these steps you’ll get what you want and your customer will get what they want. It is a process.

1. Say “no”: nicely, remorsefully, respectful and very carefully.

2. Right after no, you say “but, i could (fill in the blank)”. That blank has to satisfy the need or want of your customer.

3. Then… “If you would (fill in the blank)”. Ask for something in return.

When saying “no”, show concern for what they asked you for. Follow quickly with “but, if…” you could give me a longer contract I might be able to get the price down. The end result: we’ll never give anything up without getting something in return. Try it, you’ll love it.


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