Become a marketing pro, and get recognized for it.

The Virginia Association of Broadcasters Marketing Pro certification program from P1 Learning is designed to meet you where you’re at in your career and reward you for the expertise you gain.

Each level of the VAB Marketing Pro curriculum will challenge you to grow your clientele through hands-on learning materials that apply to your current sales situation. Upon completion of each level, you’ll receive:

  • Digital Completion Badge (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Signed Recognition Letter For Your Portfolio
  • VAB Acknowledgment

Whether you’re brand new or seasoned, you’ll not only have the tools to get the new clients and renewals you’re looking for, but also recognition for your efforts in improving your sales expertise.

The Certification Levels

Bronze Level

Bronze Level Marketing Pro’s are fresh to the industry but have proven that they have the ability to take control of the client relationship and are able to effectively apply their newly acquired branding and marketing skills.


Under 12 Months

Bronze Curriculum*

Welcome to the Industry
What We Do For a Living
What Will Your Boss Want From You? (Part 1)
What Will Your Boss Want From You? (Part 2)*
The Word of Mouth Business
The Branding Process
The Sales Cycle
Station Tour (TV)
Station Tour (Radio)
Goal Management
Time Management: Getting Time On Your Side
Cold Calling
Dress for Success
Email Etiquette: 01. To Email or Not To Email?
Broadcast History
TMA: Too Many Acronyms (TV) – (Part 1)
TMA: Too Many Acronyms (TV ) – (Part 2)
TMA: Too Many Acronyms (Radio)
Understanding Radio Formats
Understanding Television Formats
Know Your Competition (Part 1)
Know Your Competition (Part 2)
Programming and Sales
Sales and Production
Scavenger Hunt*
Account Management
6X6 – Different Buyers, Different Needs
7 Stage Business Outlook Index
The Advertising Message
Introduction to Copywriting
Copywriting for Television
Copywriting for Radio
Copywriting for Interactive Advertising
Without a Need You Can’t Proceed
Setting the Appointment
Preparing for the First Appointment
Conducting the Needs Assessment*
The Presentation*
Presentation Skills
Ask for the Order
Introduction to Objections
Service and Renewal
10 Tips to Get the Renewal
Broadcast Media in a Digital World (Part 1)
Broadcast Media in a Digital World (Part 2)
Broadcast Media in a Digital World (Part 3)
Managing Expectations & Emotions
The Assignment

*Assignment Requirement

Note: Individuals can earn their Bronze Level status by completing the P1 Plus program (learn more).

Silver Level

Silver Level Marketing Pro’s have a thorough understanding of their client’s needs. These individuals know how to properly handle objections, leverage negotiations and have an understanding of the DISC personality assessment.


12+ Months

Silver Curriculum*

Closing the Sale
No, But, If
Customer Service Basics
Selling To Different Customer Roles
Turning Features into Benefits
When to Shut Up
Customer Service: 01. Service Quality Indicators
Customer Service: 02. Helping Customers Increase Income
Customer Service: 03. Helping Customers Decrease Expenses
Creating Great Customer Conversations
Tough Customers: The Bully
Tough Customers: The Hesitator
Tough Customers: The Grump
Tough Customers: The Entitled
Tough Customers: The Expert
Negotiating: 01. Introduction to Negotiating
Negotiating: 02. Framing
Negotiating: 03. Styles
Negotiating: 04. Identifying Leverage
Negotiating: 05. Analyzing the Upcoming Negotiations
Negotiating: 06. Planning for Negotiations
Negotiating: 07. The Negotiation Process
Negotiating: 08. Reaching Agreement
Negotiating: 09. Evaluate Your Performance
Negotiating: 10. DISC Styles
Negotiating: 11. Dealing With Strategies
Introduction to Objections
Handling Objections: Defeating Stalls
Handling Objections: Handling Objections Basics
Handling Objections: Doubt
Handling Objections: Misunderstanding
Handling Objections: Indifference
Handling Objections: True Negative
Broadcast RPM (Part 1)
Broadcast RPM (Part 2)
Broadcast RPM (Part 3)
DISC: Introduction to DISC
DISC: Questionnaire*
Understanding DISC Styles
Determining the Styles of Others
Mixing DISC Styles
Selling to a High D
Selling to a High I
Selling to a High S
Selling to a High C

*Assignment Requirement

Gold Level

Gold Level Marketing Pro’s are viewed as the primary information source, being proactive rather than reactive. Gold Level Marketing Pro’s know how to build successful customer programs integrating both traditional & digital assets.


12+ Months & Silver Level

Gold Curriculum*

Broadcast Media in a Digital World (Part 1)
Broadcast Media in a Digital World (Part 2)
Broadcast Media in a Digital World (Part 3)
Defining the Digital Seller
Digital vs. Traditional Media
The Nordstrom Approach
History of the Internet (Part 1)
History of the Internet (Part 2)
History of Mobile Communications
The Traditional Marketing Model
Paid, Owned, and Shared Media
Digital Words with Friends
Understanding Digital Formats (Part 1)
Understanding Digital Formats (Part 2)
Digital Media Formats: Search Advertising
Digital Media Formats: Display Advertising
Digital Media Formats: Desktop
Digital Media Formats: Mobile
Enhanced Media and Measurement
Connect, Engage, Call to Action
Selling Your Webstream
Data-Driven Digital Marketing
Is Your Customer’s Interactive Sabotaging Your On-Air Campaign?
20 Second Drill – Scenario (Part 1)
20 Second Drill – Process (Part 2)
Digital Prospecting
Digital Media Value Chain
Setting the Appointment
Digital Customer Needs Assessment*
Conducting the Needs Assessment
Aligning Digital Ads with Client Objectives
Internal and Third Party Research
The Digital Proposal (Part 1)
The Digital Proposal (Part 2)
The Digital Proposal (Part 3)*
Implementing the Digital Campaign
Analyzing Campaign Data
Media Math: Cost per Thousand
Media Math: Cost per Sale
Media Math: Cost per Click
Media Math: CTR, CPA, eCPM

*Assignment Requirement

Allow Us To Onboard Your New Hires

The live assist on-boarding program, P1 Plus, is designed to take entry level sellers from “rookie to ready” in just seven weeks. Each seller will be taken through an intense combination of live and online training courses, weekly video conference calls, testing, and homework assignments and will earn their Bronze Level certification badge.

How Long Will It Take?

We estimate that each training level will take just two months to complete. Our training courses are short (under 10 minutes) and the required assignments are things you’re probably already doing… or should be doing.

So, if you can give roughly 45 minutes per week, you’ll be done in no time! So what are you waiting for!? Apply today.

*Curriculums Are Subject To Change

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