Halfway through the New Year!

Halfway through the New Year!

by | Aug 13, 2013

Summer’s almost over, we’re headed full speed into the back half of 2013, and planning for 2014 is just around the corner.

Like any company, we are always in search of new features and benefits to keep the P1 product fresh and relevant. So far it’s been a busy year; we have:

1. Added a new training product with P1 Plus, a live-assist version of our entry-level training program, and it has been extremely well received.

2. Re-designed and re-launched a new, easier to maneuver, training campus.

3. Designed a brand new training campus designed to meet the needs of the sports marketer. The campus will be unveiled in the early fall and we couldn’t be more excited. More on that topic soon!

4. AND, oh yeah, we changed the name of the company from P1 Selling to P1 Learning.

Yeah, I know that we have just breached the first rule of branding.

Rule #1:
Thou shall be consistent with your message, so don’t go messing with your corporate name!

We realize that changing the name of your core business is not recommended. (Just ask the folks that participated in Radio Shack’s attempt at upgrading their image by changing their name to the very trendy and hip “The Shack”). But there is a method to our madness.

The word “selling” has always been one aspect of our training; an important aspect that we’ll never abandon. But in addition to sales, we feature a full curriculum on a variety of topics such as: Management, Leadership, Human Resources, and Programming.

So, after a great deal of deliberation, the decision was made to change our name to P1 Learning (The “Learning Shack” was a close second), and we’re quite proud of what the name represents.

The name has been changed, but the commitment to your excellence remains the same.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and profitable back half of the year!

– Speed

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