Embracing Noooovember Can Help You Finish the Year Strong – Guest Blogger Derron Steenbergen

Embracing Noooovember Can Help You Finish the Year Strong – Guest Blogger Derron Steenbergen

by | Nov 3, 2023

Here we are on the cusp of another Winter.  With Halloween now behind us, Thanksgiving upon us and Christmas and New Years just around the corner, this can be the time that you put yourself in a position to not only finish 2023 strong, but help jumpstart next year.  So, how do you we do it?  It starts with more clients telling us no.  Wait, what?!  You read it correctly!  It all begins with more rejection!

Let me explain.  For most of us in sales, we frown when someone tells us we need to see more clients.  We get comfortable calling on the core part of our list.  This is a time to force ourselves to get uncomfortable.  It is time we challenge ourselves to see new clients, to reacquaint ourselves with those decision makers who we have put off seeing.  It is time we begin to ask more clients to buy.  Rarely does someone buy from us without being asked to buy.  We must ask, and ask more often.  As we ask more clients to buy, more clients are going to tell us NO!  And this my friends, is a good thing…

If I came to see each of you and spread out 300 scratch-off lottery tickets across you desk, which ones would you scratch off?  I hope your answer was “All of Them”!  I predict you would not just scratch off a couple.  You would recognize that most would have no value, but a few would win you money.  The more you scratch off the better chances you have to win.

Our approach to sales must mirror our approach to the aforementioned lottery tickets.  We must see more clients.  We must ask more clients to buy.  And yes, we will get more No’s.  But more No’s will nearly always lead to more Yeses…

Go get more clients to tell you No and watch your business grow!  Swagger On ya’ll!

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