Don’t Look Back. It’s Time To Move Forward

Don’t Look Back. It’s Time To Move Forward

by | May 27, 2020

We’re happy to introduce you to our guest contributor, Bob “Z” Zuroweste. With 30+ years in the media industry, you may know Z from his time as VP/Market Manager Clear Channel, Sr. VP/Director of Sales for CBS Radio, VP/Market Manager for Entercom and Shamrock.

As a media seller, there is no doubt both you and your customer have been impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown. The pandemic has affected us all, both emotionally and financially.

We also know that the best media representatives have continued being in constant contact with their clients, and because of this, they have minimized losses to both billing and income (good for you!). Others have used this time to catch up on season’s one through six of their favorite Netflix release (you’ve some catching up to do).

Wherever you find yourself, we are now entering a new phase. After a two month pause in the action, the world is in the process of flipping that closed sign on the door and proclaiming that once again, we are open for business!

Throughout the quarantine process, we have been introduced to a variety of “battle cries” such as: “We are all in this together!” and “Stay home, stay healthy!” just to name a couple. But now that we are pivoting to the next chapter, here’s one more for you. “Don’t look back. It’s time to move forward.”

States and Cities ARE opening again. Retail stores are opening their doors, consumers have pent up demands, and while many are looking for jobs, a significant portion of the workforce remains employed and recently received a $1,200 check (or more) from our government. This is an opportunity to get things moving again.

Question: If a store is in the process of reopening, how do consumers know that? Here lies the opportunity to not only get your regular customers advertising again but to prospect for new business as well.

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Idea: Have your station run promos asking retailers that “If you’re open,” let us know so we can let our listeners know YOU ARE OPEN! Give contact information. Collect those retailers and give each of them a free ten-second tag in rotation with other retailers. Follow up with those retailers that have responded and suggest a specific campaign (paid) to increase frequency to their free mentions.

More to come soon… Until then, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to RE-START your engines. Let’s get the economy moving again.

 – Bob “Z” Zuroweste

Bob Zuroweste

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