2019 Sales and Marketing Trends

2019 Sales and Marketing Trends

by | Jan 22, 2019

In sales, it’s always important to look ahead and see what trends, tips, and tools are out there or on the horizon to make one’s life easier. Since the sales world is always changing with new technologies, it is essential to keep up with and embrace these technologies and ideas if you are to be successful. So, what are the trends for 2019? We, here at P1 Learning, have done our research and here is what we found…

Trend #1
Omni-Channel Marketing
Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as conceptOmni-Channel Marketing utilizes a company’s multitude of channels(in-store, website, mobile app, and social media) to reach potential customers. Each piece of the customer’s experience should be consistent and complementary. Companies that currently set the standard for Omni-Channel Marketing include Disney, Bank of America, Starbucks, and Chipotle. Think about it. These companies have a seamless connection between their website, apps and social media. Take Disney for example; you can book your vacation on their website, and then log in to their app while at the park to find dining and activities for everyone in your group. They have even come up with a Magic Band Program which will allow you access into the park, your hotel, and allow you to pay for items such as food and gifts while at the park, so you don’t have to bring your wallet. Making sure the customer experience is the best it can be is what drives these companies’ sales. Are you doing something similar to this for your brand? If not, start thinking of ways you can branch out into multiple platforms.

Trend #2
Online Sales Training
Providing your sales teams with the tools they need to be successful is key to success. With it getting harder and harder to find and retain quality talent, companies need to think of ways to innovate their on-boarding and continuing education programs. According to an article in Forbes Magazine, having online training programs for your teams “helps salespeople develop their top skills and become better at their job.” This is why we created our live assist training program, P1 Plus. We understand the importance of creating on-boarding and coaching programs that simulate real-world scenarios is what will take sellers to the next level in their career. Do you have an online training program in place? If not, we would love to talk!
Trend #3:
Selling to Generation Z
Learning what drives Generation Z sales is becoming a hot topic in 2019. This group, born after 1995 are becoming top influencers of market trends. According to Fast Company, Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020. That is next year! Here are some essential items to consider when marketing and selling to Gen Z. They like to buy products that do good and give back to their community/world. They trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. They like brands to be inclusive and love product customization. There is a lot to know about this generation and to ensure that your company is on track the best way to know is by doing your research, talk to this generation and get feedback on what they want. It will pay off for you in the end. What steps have you taken to learn about this generation? 
Trend #4: 
Staying True to Tradition
There is something to be said about staying true to methods that work. After all what’s always worked, will most likey still work. From an in-person visit to a hand written post card, these methods that have been around and will still be around for years to come. In a world that is so creative, sometimes it is good to bring things back to the basics. 
We encourage each of you to research these trends and how you can use them to your advantage. Don’t forget to review our online courses that correspond to these trends. We have several that can help you from Generation Z: 01 Who Are They? to Advertising Sales. These courses are free to our subscribers and if you’re not a subscriber, register for our 7 Day free trial to see what you think. We are excited for 2019 and what this year will bring P1 Learning as we use these trends.


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