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What It Takes To Be A Digital Media Seller

The prevalence of smart devices has brought about a near-constant overlap of advertising and the internet. As you may have already guessed this has caused interactive advertising to grow by leaps and bounds. In fact, online display, paid search, mobile and social media are now critical components in most marketing campaigns and are demanding more and more of the advertiser’s –

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Uncover Your Customer’s Needs

Sales opportunities don’t just spring up out of thin air. You have to uncover them. If you aren’t prepared to ask the right questions, they could be precious opportunities lost. Finding the problem will lead you to the best solution for your client. Here are four important reminders when uncovering leads. 1. Build trust and

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Say “No” To Your Customer

As sellers we are conditioned to say “yes” each time our customer asks us for “stuff”. In example… here it is, your customer is outlining their latest list of “value added” demands (FYI, that’s code for “free stuff”). They eventually get to the bottom of a list that includes everything from free sponsorships, to two

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Body Language Mistakes

You walk into your sales appointment and find yourself waiting in the lobby. No worries! Perfect time to catch up on a few emails, check your pocket mirror for any remaining lunch remnants, perhaps you’re nervously tapping your foot without noticing. After all, you’re in the lobby, who cares, right? Well… maybe it wouldn’t hurt

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What NOT to do During a Long Sales Cycle

Our friends at ej4 put together this great article. Thought we’d share… If the Internet didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be reading this. More importantly, I believe if the Internet didn’t exist, we would have shorter sales cycles.   Why? Well for one, customers rely heavily on online reviews for products and sometimes take weeks, months,

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