With Digital, Broadcast Becomes Unstoppable

With Digital, Broadcast Becomes Unstoppable

by | Feb 17, 2021

Author: Jessica Jett-Hill, Director of Logistic, Advantage Systems

On January 28th, Jessica Jett-Hill participated in Rising Above: A Virtual Sales and Management Media Summit. For those of you who are not familiar with Rising Above, we  partner with the best in media to provide a virtual day and a half training experience that is designed to teach, coach, inspire and motivate attendees to rise above the challenges of today’s sales and management environment. Below is a follow-up from Jessica’s presentation.

Are you successfully including Radio and Digital in your campaigns? Here are some tips to help you show your clients how Radio and Digital work more effectively together so that you can close more deals and have longer lasting partnerships with your clients.

  • Reinforce the Benefits of Radio– You may know the benefits by heart, but your client may be having doubts about Radio given the ever-changing media-scape.
  • Show How Radio Makes Their Digital More Effective– Radio drives customers to their digital and increases effectiveness of their digital by creating awareness, demand and trust. Radio drives clicks to their website, helps them stand out in the search results, and boosts clicks on digital advertising.
  • Do a Quick 5-Step Digital Evaluation on Your Client. Click here to see the 5 steps.
  • Easily Incorporate Digital- try adding a schedule of streaming audio targeted to the client’s target audience. Use the same creative for consistency.
  • Want to Take Their Digital to The Next Level? Use this guide on which digital products mix with radio to best reach the client’s potential customers at each phase of the purchase cycle. If you need a digital supplier, look no further than Advantage Systems Interactive, view our full media kit here.
  • Track the Results of Their Radio Campaign– Have the client track direct visits to their website and Google My Business listing- anyone who types in their name or website address directly are proof their Radio campaign is working to create demand and top of mind awareness.

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