Talking Your Way Out of a Deal

Talking Your Way Out of a Deal

by | Mar 4, 2014

Our friends over at ej4 put together an amazing blog and we couldn’t resist sharing a few paragraphs… 

Talking Your Way Out of a Deal

zip-it-real-goodMaking the sale in a timely manner is high on every salesperson’s list. Going from pre-calls to building rapport and finding the unmet need eventually leads to the moment you close. But some factors get in the way: either you are met with objection after objection, or you talk yourself out of the sale.

Talking too much during the key moments of the close is dangerous for many reasons. One, you’re providing more time for the prospect to find some other doubt. Two, you’re extending your time that much more. Both of these are a detriment to that handshake, signature and deserved celebratory scream as soon as you leave their premises.

Every negotiation is about communication and knowing how to balance between silence and questioning. Salespeople are naturally chatty – and that’s wonderful. Healthy dialogue builds rapport and establishes the kind of trust you need for later.

However, if you’re about to close and you see that look in the prospect’s eye where you’ve checked off needs and see dollar signs metaphorically spinning inside each iris, don’t talk anymore. Put the coffee down, say “Let’s do this,” or “If everything looks in order, lets get going” or whatever response you use to close… and keep quiet! 

You should have a good idea of when needs are fulfilled by how many times the customer is nodding in approval to your pitch. All too often, the sale (and talking about the sale) becomes an unnecessary game of seeing if you can be best friends, explaining how cute their kid is in their soccer outfit, dissecting the history of BBQ, and more – all before you’ve signed off on anything.

Practice being aware of the right moments to stop and let your final pitch sink into the prospect’s head. (Watch our Ask For the Order course for more).

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