Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime…

Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime…

by | Jun 24, 2014

As kids we couldn’t wait for the last day of school. We ran home threw the backpack in the closet and headed out the door to play. As adults the mindset can be the same.  Summertime vacations aren’t just for the kids, but you, your staff, even your customers. It’s officially O.O.O. season… or “Out Of Office” season.

Keeping your staff and yourself focused can be tough. So, here are a few training suggestions to get you started…

DISC Leading Skills
[list type=check_list]

  •   Leading the High D
  •   Leading the High I
  •   Leading the High S
  •   Leading the High C


Communications Training
[list type=check_list]

  •   Smart Phone Etiquette
  •   Don’t Press Send
  •   Smile!
  •   Send me Something
  •   Speaking Customer
  •   Active Listening
  •   The Great Conversationalist


Customer Service
[list type=check_list]

  •   Building GREAT Sales Relationships
  •   Determining Customer Needs
  •   Customer Service Basics
  •   Handling Tough Customers
  •   Selling to Different Customer Roles
  •   Turning Features into Benefits
  •   Copywriting
  •   Managing Expectations and Emotions
  •   Collections
  •   The Four P’s For Creating Loyal Customers


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