Ways To Stay Motivated During The Summer

Ways To Stay Motivated During The Summer

by | Jul 23, 2019

Everyone loves summer… it’s that time of year when you can enjoy outside activities with friends and family. It can also be that time of year when you get distracted by all the fun things going on around you. Or you might have your vacation coming up next week, and all you can think about is the amazing time you will be having (we’ve all been there). Whatever the case may be, it can be hard to stay on task during the summer with all these distractions, but we have a few suggestions that might help make the summer more productive. 

Set Up Goals

If you are one to get distracted easily or find yourself daydreaming all day, it might be a good time to start setting up daily goals that will help you stay on track. Make a daily and weekly to-do list of items that need to be done and prioritize them. It is easier to stay motivated when you have a weekly short-term and long-term game plan in place.

Remove Distractions

Everyone has those little things that distract them from doing their job. It could be checking social media, personal email, or Googling what to do on your trip. If this is you and you can’t shut them off and leave them until you get home, I would disable those apps from your phone to help you stay focused.

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Dress for Success

Self-confidence and motivation come from how you feel about yourself. The way you present yourself at work can make a significant impact on how you perform. You should wear clothing suitable for summer as it is hot out there, but make sure your outfit is still professional. Studies have shown that if you wear brighter colors, you will feel happier so if you are feeling unmotivated for work, it might be time to pull out that bright yellow shirt in your closet!

Change It Up

Being at your desk when it is nice outside can be hard. To help you stay motivated try taking breaks during the day and go for a walk around the office building or have a lunch picnic outside. If you can be mobile with your job work one day from a coffee shop or at home. Doing this can help refresh your mind, which will help you stay on task with your projects.

Find Time To Recharge

We understand that not everyone gets to go on a vacation during the summer, but that should not stop you from doing things to help your mind and body recharge. Everyone should get a day off here and there to do what makes them happy. That could be sleeping in, going to a day spa, or doing nothing at all. Make time that is just for you. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself who will?

Ultimately staying motivated is a state on mind. For some it comes easy and others it takes a little work. No matter where you fall using the items listed during the summer can help any get motivated at work or stay that way.

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