Shop Local

Shop Local

by | May 2, 2018

At P1 Learning we’re out to save the world one local store at a time; or as a media company, why should you be concerned about promoting your audience to shop local?

Back in 2010 American Express invented Small Business Saturday on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving but promoting shopping local year-round will benefit the development of the community you serve. The folks at Civic Economics released a study that shows that for every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $68 will stay in the community compared with only $43 when purchased from a national chain.

When you shop local you’re supporting businesses that hire your neighbors, offer higher paying jobs and support local schools, police and fire departments because most of the money you spend and most of your taxes stay local. Plus, it has been shown that local business owners donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of the national chain store.

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In addition to hiring local, your area small businesses hire local architects and contractors for building and remodeling. They use local accountants, local advertising agencies, local insurance brokers and many times carry more locally produced goods than the chain stores. Some experts suggest setting aside a portion of your monthly budget for local shopping then if you pay a little more at the local shop than the chain store, you can chalk it up to helping to better your neighborhood and in turn raising the value of your property. A survey from the American Planning Association shows that when people were asked what made an ideal community, the top answer was having locally owned business nearby.

As a media company you love those important national buys but investing resources in offering affordable opportunities to your local small business owners to get their word out can in the long run make your marketplace a great place to work and live.

Here are 3 things that you can do to “keep local alive”…

  1. Offer a rotating on-air recognition of area local businesses.
  2. Have your station host a small business workshop. Offer business development and marketing tips to help local businesses grow (tip: we can help if you’re interested… just saying).
  3. Get involved with your local chamber, attend ribbon cuttings, serve as ambassadors. Sure, you’re busy, but this is an investment in your future.

Remember, your stations are the voice of the communities that you serve. Be a part of the solution!


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