Attributes of a Great Salesperson

Attributes of a Great Salesperson

by | Sep 16, 2021

According to, 55% of Americans believe they are capable of starting a business. However, 20% of those businesses fail within the first year, which is a lot. So, why does this happen? Many factors come into play, but, often, the individual did not possess the traits to be a great salesperson. So what are the characteristics that can potentially turn someone into a successful salesperson?

Outgoing and Social

Sales are all about people. A nurturing attitude helps build trust. Rapport is a key building block to knowing your client’s business.

Communication Skills

A good seller can connect with not only their clients but also with co-workers.


When you think of a salesperson, you picture confidence. According to, 11% of experienced salespeople are considered “charmers.” They are sure about what they are selling and know it is going to help their client. People buy into confidence because it reassures them what they are doing is right.


Setting daily/weekly/ monthly goals and targets will help you stay focused and constantly engaged with clients and sales. The more focused you are on your goals, the more success you will have.


Great salespeople believe in what they are selling. Passion and dedication can be seen by potential buyers. If you are passionate about what you are selling, others will be. They focus on the “why” not the “what.”

Patience and Perseverance

We all want to have things right now, but a good salesperson knows it can take time to get the client from A to Z.  When someone tells you “no,” remember the “no” is for that moment and that can change to a “yes” in time. Patience is a key quality in sales — especially in negotiating.

Drive and Determination

Everyone has a fear of failure. For salespeople, that is what drives them to be better and keep going. A good salesperson needs the mindset and great work ethic to succeed.

I know what you might be thinking, “I don’t have all of these. Can I still be good at sales?” The answer is yes! While everyone wants to inherently have all of these traits, that rarely happens. Most good salespeople have to strive and place goals on themselves to work on the traits they don’t have. By doing this, you will become a more well-rounded selling professional.

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