by | Dec 31, 2013

procrastinationProcrastination, deferment, delay, or what many convey as, “I’m too busy”. It really doesn’t matter what you call it.  Completing certain tasks, especially the ones we don’t want to do, is hard. It’s not so much the task its self, it’s the getting started part that is hard.

You know what I’m talking about. Of course we have all been here. The difference is some of us are habitual procrastinators and some of us are seasonal. For the seasonal offenders we kick ourselves then buckle down and get it done. But for the habitual procrastinators we make ourselves physically and mentally sick, then and only then we get it done.

Let’s watch the two courses dealing with stopping procrastination. Start with The Pain then immediately take the time and watch Getting Started. Both are listed on the P1 Learning campus, but I imagine you’re too busy to watch either of these courses, right? Think again!

If you complete these two easy courses it should make starting that O.M.G. task easier.


Let’s Get Started

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