Note Taking

Note Taking

by | Oct 29, 2013

IMG_1850One of the hardest tasks that I personally have is when I’m in a room with creative people that think fast and abstract. As designated “note keeper” trying to jot down tasks and stay within our planned agenda is virtually impossible. So what do I do? I adapt.

First, start with what kind of meeting is this going to be. Is this yearly planning, sales based, or are we discussing a particular client. Next, is there a written agenda or are we just brainstorming on several different topics. If there’s a written agenda it’s fairly simple. Use bullet points and stick to the topics in order. If it’s brainstorming, try using a large whiteboard or flip charts.

One tip is to create your note pages ahead of time. Even if it’s a brainstorming session, be sure to keep the topic priority one. I’d also recommend keeping your itinerary to one page as this will make it much easier to read later. Also, try and use the same format for all of your notes. That way when you look back on past notes, you can figure out where you left off. Oh, and I’d recommend using acronyms. This will dramatically speed up the process of writing or typing.

For additional tips and suggestions, take the online course series “Note Taking”  located within the Administration section of P1 Learning.

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