Introducing Our Marketing Professional Program

Introducing Our Marketing Professional Program

by | Jun 7, 2022

In today’s competitive sales market standing out can be challenging that is why we have partnered with local state broadcasters’ associations to develop a training plan that will help station sellers be the best that they can be.

Our “Marketing Pro” program is self-paced and meets the professional at their stage of learning/ experience. This way, you get the training you need. This program has been on a soft launch for several months with rave reviews and it is now ready to be released to all associations P1 is aligned with. How cool is that!

So, how does it work?

The Marketing Pro Training program has been broken into 3 areas (Bronze, Silver, and Gold.) Each certification level has specific course requirements to obtain the training badges. Once an individual has obtained a level they can quickly move on to the next. The average time it can take to complete all three levels is 6 months (2 months per level) however you can be done sooner with proper planning.

Why Become a Marketing Pro?

That is easy, to earn more! Research has shown that those who take initiative to learn as much as they can in their field earn more. The Marketing Pro program dives into all areas of sales from traditional media to digital with hands-on real-world training to give you the tools to understand the options for your clients. The more you understand, the more you become a valued ally to your clients.

How to get started.

Becoming a Marketing Pro is easy! Simply log in to and fill out the registration form. Once complete a team member will be in touch with the steps to get you started.

Let’s Get Started

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