Managing Communications

Managing Communications

by | Apr 6, 2022

Keeping a steady flow of communication with your client is critical to ensuring their marketing plans are on track and meeting goals. But without those constant touches, sales professionals run the risk of being “ghosted” by their clients.

Have you ever had an “easy” client? You make the pitch; they make the buy. Everything is going along well — at least for you — and then, poof, the client won’t return calls or emails and is always “in a meeting” when you stop by (yep, we’ve all been there).

You’ve been ghosted. Why? The most obvious answer is the solution you assumed was working so well wasn’t working at all for your client. Take that assumption out of your game and replace it with constant communication.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by never leaving a meeting or hanging up the phone without setting a follow-up appointment. Whether it’s for a checkup of the marketing plan, an update on the client’s success or lack thereof, or simply to discuss changes in your client’s business as it moves from month to month through the year.

Always ask your client what method of communication they prefer — in-person, video conference, email, phone, text. Increasingly, text is becoming a popular way for sales professionals to communicate with clients, but don’t take the value of an in-person visit for granted. Woody Allen once said “90 percent of life is showing up” — and your clients will appreciate the extra effort of a visit at their convenience.

Establishing that regular, routine flow of communication will make you a welcome distraction, rather than an unwanted intrusion. Part of making that leap is to always have a plan and an agenda. Instead of the “How’s everything going?” approach, these important client touches need to be prepared with a well-researched recommendation to improve an existing plan or with an idea for a new approach. Being armed with new creative, spots, ideas and well-informed research on your client’s competitors will help ensure your client considers your time together valuable.

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