It’s Renewal Season. Are You Prepared?

It’s Renewal Season. Are You Prepared?

by | Oct 6, 2021

We all know in-person interactions with clients have been the best way to generate sales. In these meetings, you can read your client’s body language, as well as respond to changes in their speech and behaviors. Being in-person is great because you create a bond that might not always happen virtually. While that may be the tried and true way to make sales, sellers have had to adapt to a pandemic world, one that has driven some decision-makers to work remotely. And because of this, we have all had to adapt to online selling to conduct business. This has become the new normal (whether you like it or not). Even now, business often is being done in what people are calling the “hybrid method” — a mix of in-person and virtual calls.  

In 2020, our very own Speed Marriott discussed renewals and provided you with some tips on how you can retain those clients. But as we approach that delightful time of year again when advertising contracts are due for renewal, I’d like to focus on some additional ways you can continue to create great business relationships and obtain renewals for 2022 in a hybrid method.

  • Meet the Client/Prospect where they are. With so many tools available to you from Zoom, project management apps, and digital signature software, you can provide the same if not better service to your clients in the method they feel most comfortable in. The key is to ask your clients what they prefer. If both parties prefer in-person, do that. If they would like remote contact, find the tools that work best to make that happen. 
  • Make sure your digital presence is up to date. Now more than ever, clients and prospects are turning to company websites to obtain information or purchase items. Your website along with your online profile (Linkedin) needs to reflect the times and show you are ready to do business in any situation. Things to look into include ease of use and mobile compatibility.  
  • Change up those virtual meetings. If clients still prefer virtual meetings or you work with clients across the country, make sure your meeting stands out and is not the same boring typical call. Make it fun by doing a coffee meeting. Send your prospect a Starbucks gift card so they can get a drink for the call. If you were in person, you would treat your client to coffee — so why should that change in this new environment?  
  • Be prepared. Make sure you have all your facts and figures in order along with your “elevator pitch”. As Speed mentions in his blog, “keep your pitch fresh.” Don’t sound like a broken record.  
  • Get there early. Start making your appointments with clients now so you are one of the first they meet during renewal season. Remember the saying “the early bird gets the worm?” The same is true with clients. The more prepared and proactive you can be with them, the better.  
  • Don’t forget the obvious … ASK for the renewal! Yes, I am taking this one from Speed’s list, but it bears repeating. The renewal process should begin when the initial sale is made. Keep track of the good things that have happened to your client because of working together and remind them not only at the renewal but throughout the entire year. If there are downsides, show the clients what steps you are taking to improve that outcome moving forward. The renewal process is an ongoing event during the year and not something you should be panicking about at the last minute. Consistent contact shows concern and that you care for your client’s success.  

To help keep you on the path to renewals with your client, we have developed a 13-minute course called “10 Tips to Get the Renewal” which we know you’ll enjoy. Log into your training account today to access this course. Otherwise, happy renewal season!

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