How To Provide Great Employee Onboarding

How To Provide Great Employee Onboarding

by | Jun 2, 2021

At one point or another everyone has to be the “new hire” within a company. Do you remember how you felt? Did the company make you feel welcomed or did you feel awkward during your first week/month working there?

With hiring on the rise and individuals having so many choices these days on where to work, you need to make sure that your organization is providing your new hires with the best onboarding experience possible. Here are a few ways you can ensure that your company has the tools in place to make the onboarding experience the very best it can be!

Onboarding Starts Before The Employee Starts

From the first phone interview to the day they walk into the building, you need to make each of your new hires feel welcomed and valued as early as possible. It’s all in the details from sending them a swag bag with a company mug or t-shirt to having HR reach out to them directly to help them fill out the necessary paperwork that comes with starting a job. You need to make sure that your new hire feels special, as soon as possible and everyone who reaches out to this individual needs to reflect this same excitement.

It’s also essential that your hiring manager have a detailed plan in place for this new hire so when they start they know exactly what they will be covering during the first two weeks along with what’s expected of them within the first 90 days in this new position. No one likes to walk in to work on the first day and feel like they are in the way or that they don’t have a clear plan.  This is why having a detailed onboarding strategy is so important. In fact, 93% of those recently surveyed by Career Builder stated that accepting the job and ultimately staying with the company was determined by how good the onboarding process was for them.

Onboarding Includes Extensive Training

Even if your new hire may have some knowledge of the position they are going into, it’s important to make sure they are the best at what they do. This includes having great onboarding programs in place for each department. A recent survey by Finances Online stated that 77% of employees who had formal training hit their performance goals and increased retention by more than 25%. This is huge considering the amount of money it takes to hire great employees which is roughly 33% of that individual’s salary (yikes!). So it makes sense to provide your new hires with the training they need to succeed from the start. Enrolling them in programs such P1 Plus, which is designed to help onboard new sales hires over the course of seven weeks, will ensure that your new hire will get the training they need to be the best they can be.

Onboarding Must Be A Priority

Most of you who are reading this feel that they are prioritizing onboarding in their company. And for some that statement is true, but for others, a reality check may be needed. Listen we get it, onboarding takes a lot of your manager’s already filled schedule and for some, putting together a comprehensive training plan might seem overwhelming. This is why we have online training as well as personalized training programs that can help you. Our online platform has 1,500+ training videos that can help you get set up on all your onboarding and compliance needs. Watching these 5 to 7 minute video training sessions can help you create the best onboarding plan for your organization. If you are an existing P1 Learning subscriber, you can log in today and start watching training sessions such as “Onboarding Before and After the Start” ,“Hiring For Small Businesses”, or “Marketing Your Brand, Company, and Positions”. However, if you need a little more hands-on assistance or you’re not a P1 Learning subscriber, reach out! We’d be happy to assist you!

In summary, when your “new hire” starts with your company, make sure that their first thoughts are, “I made the right choice and I’m so excited to work here!“. Listen, this will happen if you give them the best experience possible by making sure they feel like a part of the team from day one. Provide them with all the tools needed to be the best at their position, and provide them with great training options to help them succeed in their new career. If you do all these things… you’ll have great employees on your team for years to come.

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