How to Get Promoted

How to Get Promoted

by | May 18, 2022

So, you’ve established yourself as a great sales professional. You consistently meet or beat quotas, your sales are consistently growing and you have built a reputation as one of the best.

So where do you go from here?

While many marketing professionals are more than content to remain in the client-facing role, a select few have their eyes set on management. If you are one of these, here are some tips to ensure when the opportunity arises, you are prepared.

Keep Learning

There is no shortage of material that will help you continue to hone your craft — and we can all get a little better every day. Whether it’s reading a book or watching training videos like you’d find on the P1 Learning platform, make sure you always have a self-improvement project going. Your peers and your supervisors will notice it.

Be a Team Player

So you are at quota every month, but most teams have those who struggle to hit goals. Lend them a helping hand. Role-playing customer needs analyses and sales pitches — and then offering constructive criticism — can offer your teammates a new perspective on their craft. If you make yourself a valuable resource for your colleagues, your peers and your supervisors will notice it.

Stay Optimistic

Sometimes it seems like there is simply nowhere to grow in an organization. Don’t buy into that thinking. Unfortunately, we are in a professional with substantial turnover — even at the top levels of management. And companies will almost always look at the internal talent pool over the time and expense of recruiting externally. You know the system, you have the relationships and you have shown you thrive in your organization — who better to step into a potentially vacant management seat?

Make Your Intentions Aware

While it might be uncomfortable to think about, most managers will tell you they appreciate the employee who says “Someday, I want to be in your seat, boss.” And if they know you have aspirations of growing in the organization, when opportunity arises, you’ll be top of mind. And it’s also not impossible a new role is created simply to take advantage of your talent and effort.

P1 Learning offers a wide variety of training designed specifically to help you develop and hone supervisory skills. Our library is a great place to start the next step in your career. Here are a few to get you started, try our “Moving Up“, or “Communicating with the C-Suite” series.

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