Helpful Ideas to Start Off the New Year

Helpful Ideas to Start Off the New Year

by | Nov 7, 2018

Ah, the life of a media sales representative at the end of the year. Last minute sales challenges, holiday mentality distracting your clients, and those renewal proposal follow upsIs it really “the most wonderful time of the year?”

P1 Learning wants to help make it your joyous season with these tips for closing out the year and setting up for a successful new year.

  • Take a look at those business goals you set for this past year. Reflect on your successes AND the steps you took to achieve those wins. If you missed the mark here and there, think about where you can make improvements to your processes. These notes will help you better set goals for the new year.
  • Get organized. You’ve spent most of your time this year trying to plant the success flag on the mountain top.  Now it’s time to clear out and organize emails and correspondences. Don’t start January with a bloated inbox. It really can slow down your process. Categorize the most important messages, create folders and “rules” that automatically filter your messages to help keep your inbox clean.

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  • Examine your business activity and look for trends. Do you notice trends in the way your clients reacted to specific actions? How has your client’s business changed or evolved over the year?  This kind of analysis can help you understand and anticipate your clients’ future needs. 
  • Bring those new ideas to your clients NOW! It’s never too early to tease your customers with new ideas, new promotions, and new opportunities with your station. Continue to position yourself as not just someone representing the station but also as a valuable advisor who can provide new insight.
  • Celebrate your successes. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some good times to award that person in the mirror for working hard all year long, learning from the positives and learning from the negatives. Have fun because don’t look now but January is right around the corner and you know what hitting budget is like in January. 

These are all great tips, but if you don’t know how to implement them in your day to day, they are not going to work for you. But don’t worry, we have training courses available (10 Tips to Get the Renewal, Time Management, Conducting the Needs Assessment, and more) that can help you get prepared for the new year. If you are not an active P1 Learning subscriber, now is the time to get started! Sign up today for our 7-day free demo and gain access to our training videos. We want you set up for success for the new year! 


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