Five Common Roadblocks to Selling Digital

Five Common Roadblocks to Selling Digital

by | Mar 28, 2017

As an account manager, you know your broadcast and cable product better than anyone. But the ever-increasing demand for digital can put pressure on even the top performers in any cable and broadcast organization. The principles of selling digital are the same, but honing the digital expertise can be overwhelming – and even off-putting at times.

Check out these common roadblocks to selling digital we’ve heard from the industry:

1) Us vs. Them. How often do you separate “new” and “traditional” media? That phrase alone can create an Us vs. Them mentality – which often results in disjointed strategies. And even worse, customers may find themselves forced to make a choice between the two! Ditch the media biases and start thinking of yourself as a Brand Strategist, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each medium and maximize the benefits of each to design a program that produces the best results for the brand.

2) Building an integrated plan. By now most sales managers are equipped to add a few banner or display ads to an existing broadcast buy. But just because the digital box is checked, doesn’t mean the plan is truly integrated. Start thinking of a client’s website as a digital storefront, uncovering channels to drive the target to the website to qualify them as a lead. With a truly integrated plan, you can follow a customer along the purchasing journey, securing valuable data to optimize on the fly – regardless of channel.


3) Breaking through the jargon cuffs.
Sales managers and customers alike have varying degrees of comfort with digital. But an overload of acronyms and tech-speak can cause some sales managers to avoid presenting digital concepts to their clients if they aren’t comfortable with the language. The P1 Interactive training program helps demystify the critical terms and ditches the tech-speak for the real world terminology sellers and customers already use.

4) Conveying the ROI. One of the many benefits of digital media is the volume of data an advertiser obtains throughout a campaign – but it only serves the customer as well as it is mined and summarized. Understanding and analyzing that data can be daunting – but is critical to reporting campaign performance. Becoming proficient with this data analysis will also help sales managers leverage these insights to identify new business opportunities.

5) Building confidence. With an ever-evolving media landscape, sales professionals feel the constant pull to maintain relevancy in the industry. Building digital confidence will fuel any sales manager from pitch to implementation. Having confidence in the ability to sell the full suite of brand programs is the biggest game changer when it comes to making sales, but is the toughest to master. Find a training that allows you to quietly get the answers on your own time and at your own pace – securing your spot as the go-to media expert your customers have come to appreciate.

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