Fit Employee Training Into Your Busy Schedule

Fit Employee Training Into Your Busy Schedule

by | Jun 17, 2015

Thanks to our friends over at ej4, they put together a brief article on how you can adapt employee training into your busy work schedule.

Let’s face it, you’ve probably experienced a day in which you just couldn’t get everything done. Between meeting with clients, doing your work, answering emails and helping co-workers, every moment from 9 to 5 was filled. Now, what if you had to do employee training on top of that? Sounds daunting, huh?

Fortunately, companies can design their training programs to fit into busy schedules and still adequately inform employees – doing so just requires the right tools and planning.

Know Where Time is Spent

Ever go about your work and suddenly realize half the day is gone? Sometimes time passes by quickly and you may feel overwhelmed. Companies that want to build a training program should start by taking control of work time. Know what your employees do during the hours they’re at the office and figure out what demands you can cut.

According to a survey conducted by AtTask, a management software developer, and Harris Interactive, a market research firm, employees typically only spend 45 percent of their time at work doing job-related tasks. The rest of their day is broken up by productive meetings, answering emails, administration tasks, unproductive meetings and interruptions (like talking to a co-worker). Looking at that list, you can already see items that are worth striking from the schedule, such as unproductive meetings. Look for areas where employees’ time is wasted and take steps to eliminate those items from their schedules.

Choose Flexible Options

Even after slimming employees’ schedules, many might feel they don’t have time to complete a training program. However, whether employees have room in their day comes down to the program itself. Avoid training programs that are long and must be completed all at once. Instead opt for training programs that use eLearning courseware, which can be short. Videos could be just 10 minutes, which is much easier to find time for than a one-hour meeting. What’s more, you can break a training topic into a series of videos, allowing employees to complete their required tasks at their own pace.

Perhaps your employees have a couple of minutes before they have to meet with a client. Rather than start work tasks they won’t have time to finish, they can get a training video out of the way.

eLearning is a short and effective option for your company training program. Unlike other teaching methods, videos can fit into your employees’ work days. For more information on eLearning from P1 Learning, contact us here.

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