P1 Learning Partners with States to Draw Broadcast Talent

P1 Learning Partners with States to Draw Broadcast Talent

by | Jun 28, 2018

What’s one of the biggest complaints in our industry?

There are no good salespeople to hire!

While we understand the frustration, there are good people out there, but unfortunately a career in broadcast sales isn’t always on their radar screen.

In effort to address the identity crisis and to fulfill the need of the industry, P1 Learning is partnering with State Broadcasters Associations to launch the P1 Futures Program, a two-week “pop up” curriculum that brings broadcast sales to the forefront of college students’ minds.  

“Having done this for the past five semesters, we’re finding an increased buy-in of interest from students,” said Jim Timm, President and Executive Director of the Nebraska Broadcasters Association.

technology students group in computer lab classroomThe P1 Futures Program will complement existing sales course material as we work with colleges and instructors to ensure our content aligns with the needs of their class. Students enrolled in the P1 Futures Program will have access to up to 50 training videos, testing materials, webinars, two-way video communications and classroom visits from broadcast professionals. Additionally, they will receive a certificate of completion that indicates to stations and broadcast companies that the prospective employee has undergone sales training.

 “There are good salespeople out there. We just have to be proactive in recruitment as an industry,” said Owner and CEO of P1 Learning, Speed Marriott.  

To date, the P1 Futures Program is financed by State Broadcasters Associations with the intent to extend the opportunity to broadcasting companies that look to be proactive in hiring quality salespeople. Current partner universities include the University of Nebraska/Omaha, University of Nebraska/Lincoln, Central Methodist University, University of Central Missouri, Lake Land College, and more.



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