Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising During COVID-19

Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising During COVID-19

by | Jun 5, 2020

We’re happy to bring back guest contributor, Bob “Z” Zuroweste. With 30+ years in the media industry, you may know Z from his time as VP/Market Manager Clear Channel, Sr. VP/Director of Sales for CBS Radio, VP/Market Manager for Entercom and Shamrock.

Every Sales Trainer, Sales Manager, General Manager, upholds the concept that the best advertising sellers are those that understand their client’s business. Building trust in your relationship with your client is job #1.

During the present crisis of COVID 19, your clients are probably experiencing the biggest challenge they have faced since the day they opened their doors. They are looking for ways to get back to the norm as quickly as possible and as a marketing, branding, and advertising specialist, your job is to have your client believe in the help you offer to provide to them in the way of ideas and direction or to simply state again, you need to build TRUST. We want to supply you with information that you can take to your clients and prospects so you can build trust and position yourself as the marketing consultant to trust.

Let’s discuss a couple of do’s and don’ts” of advertising during COVID 19. The following is highlights of information taken from Adobe Advertising Cloud research, industry guidance, and customer recommendations.

DO be authentic: Communicate the values of the brand/business. Did you know that 64% of consumers want to know the business values of the place that they choose to do business?

DO revisit the creative often: Advertisers must keep their message current with the fast-changing world. Be ready to change the message as the environment around us changes. Right now, consumers want to know WHAT companies are doing to protect them from the virus. For example, are they following guidelines, requiring masks, how is the place of business sanitizing tables or countertops, etc.

Alright, these are just a few “do’s”. Next week we’ll I’ll pass on a few “don’ts”. Until then… ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to RE-START your enginesLet’s get the economy moving again.

 – Bob “Z” Zuroweste

Bob Zuroweste

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