Get To Know Personalities (DISC)

Get To Know Personalities (DISC)

by | Nov 3, 2014

DISCFrom customers to co-workers, everyone’s personality is different. And in those differences, we come across personalities that either agree or disagree with ours (sometimes more often than not).

Maybe it’s a task request that gets under your skin because of the way it was delivered. Or you’ve been lucky to talk with two customers in a row whose moods were relaxed and easy to handle, but then you’re suddenly thrown off course by the next customer whose personality is the complete opposite.

How do you recognize the differences? And how do you apply that knowledge to handle those different personalities?

In our updated DISC series, you’ll find the answers on everything from personal DISC styles to more specific DISC styles to help you lead your people and sell your customers more effectively.

Courses Include:
 Determine Styles of Others
 DISC Introduction
 DISC Questionnaire
 Understanding DISC Styles
 DISC Styles:
  DISC Styles: D
  DISC Styles: I
  DISC Styles: S
  DISC Styles: C
  Selling D
  Selling I
  Selling S
  Selling C
  Leading D
  Leading I
  Leading S
  Leading C

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