Cross Training

Cross Training

by | Sep 17, 2013

Cross training. What comes to mind?  Football players, olympians… basically athlete’s, right? But cross training doesn’t necessarily have to relate to a sport. Although, we all joke in the media industry that we’ve become a contact sport. Cross training is a vital aspect to your business. Whatever business you’re in.

Specifically cross training for an athlete refers to an athlete training in areas other than their own specialty.  The goal is to improve overall team performance, not just the one area that they excel in. And the result for your staff should be the same. Your teams’ weaknesses need to become their strengths.

Here’s a thought for those companies selling traditional radio and television. Have your sales team take our training for on air. These courses will give you staff a better feel for their product. The product that they sell every single day. Specifically I’d recommend taking the P.E.O.P.L E. series on P1 Learning.

Also take this to the other side of the office. Have your on air staff or promotions department take the training for sales. Learn the sales cycle or a few negotiation techniques. My suggestion would be to hand out a new course to a different department on a weekly basis for one month. Then at the close, gather the thoughts from individuals throughout the office. You might be surprised of their feedback. Some may end up being part time sellers.

Oh, and if nothing less… this little tactic should give your staff a better understanding of how vital their role is to each and every one that they serve.

– Katey

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