Create Your Own Future

Create Your Own Future

by | Dec 10, 2013

IMG_1927I finally had a chance to watch the Ashton Kutcher film “Jobs” last night on pay-per-view. I must admit that I’m not a fan of the movie, but I am without a doubt a fan of its lead character.

I felt that Kutcher’s portrayal of Steve Jobs was a bit one dimensional. He had the walk, the beard and the arrogance down.  But missing was the essence of the man … his passion.

In Kutcher’s defense, Steve Jobs would be an amazingly difficult character to play. He was our generation’s Tom Edison, Walt Disney and Henry Ford with a little P.T. Barnum thrown in for good measure. Jobs had this absolutely uncanny knack of knowing exactly what the market needed, prior to the market even knowing that they needed it. Example, I never realized how important my iPhone was until they invented it.

There were a number of great Steve Jobs quotes in the movie and the one that gave me my $5.95 worth (that’s why they call it pay-per-view) was this one. “We don’t just sell computers, we sell the stuff that you can do with that computer”. This got me thinking about our own P1 Learning products. So with a nod to the late great Steve Jobs here is our take on the quote.

At P1 Learning, “we are not selling training, we are selling what you can become from our training”. Hmm … not bad!  I wonder who we could get to play Katey in the motion picture?

Good selling and have a wonderful holiday season.

– Speed

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