Co-Workers ‘Lead’ The Way

Co-Workers ‘Lead’ The Way

by | Mar 2, 2022

Too often, we, as sales professionals get wrapped up in our own world — making calls, entering orders and finishing up report after report for accounting. It’s easy to become captive to our cubicle and computer screen and miss the prospects and ideas right across the hall. But, no matter what product we’re offering, the team around us can be a critical resource to finding new clients.
Broadcast sellers are lucky, considering their co-workers are often some of the most engaged in the community. Whether it’s the programmer with a steady stream of community leaders coming in for morning show interviews or the news team with its pulse on the community, your teammates can often bring new ideas to the table and revitalize your client list.
Taking the Time
Aside from the fact that it’s considerate, regular communication with those outside the sales pit helps build a stronger team. A more cohesive team always means a better product and more efficient process. Staying in the broadcast world, taking a few minutes each day to check in on your programmers, say hello to their guests, and stay current with what your news team is sharing with the community will pay dividends.
The sales information you gather from your team might not be a traditional lead, but pay attention and there will be a breadcrumb to follow. For instance, if a news story references a zoning change to allow for new retail business, you have the chance to be the first to track down that potential future client. If you take the time to pop into the newsroom and ask, there’s a good chance the eyes and ears of your station might already know what that new business will be. Heck, they might even have the owner’s cellphone… if you ask nicely.
The Obvious
Listen in on your morning shows if they are locally driven. You’ll find ideas being spread across the community that can grow your list. Whether it’s the chamber of commerce president talking about a business expansion or the hospital CEO talking about the pressing need for specialty nurses, you might have just picked up two new recruitment prospects just by paying attention.
It Goes Both Ways
Good relationships are a two-way street. Being on the street and in the know yourself, you will have information valuable to your teams as well. Share the interesting tidbits you pick up during meetings with clients and pass them along to your on-air staff. They’ll thank you for it.
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