Broadcast Media In A Digital World

Broadcast Media In A Digital World

by | Jan 9, 2019

“Where does radio and television fit in with digital media?” I may be a bit biased, but I feel that not only do we have a place at the table, I’ll dare say that we’ve got an opportunity to sit at the head of that table.

Broadcast radio and television are remarkably effective methods of delivering your customer’s message.  Our greatest strength can be summed up in one word. Reach!  Digital marketing is a remarkable tool in its own light. Their strength is depth. And because of this, today’s consumer is the best informed in history. Thank you World Wide Web!

Digital Media

Now imagine what would happen if they were to join forces!  According to a study done by Forrester Research, there are four available media types. They are: Owned… Earned… Paid… and Merged. Let’s unpack each of them:

  • Owned media consists of your prospect’s website, social sites, brick and mortar location, signage above the door and the employees in the store. Websites and social media sites give unlimited coverage of products, services, testimonials. Upside: You have a unified message totally in the control of the business owner.
  • Earned media is home of brand champions. They feel a high level of engagement and through testimonial, they’re out there 24/7/365 spreading the good word of your advertiser! Outlets include: Yelp, Facebook, Amazon, and Trip Adviser. Upside: Nothing sells like a positive customer review! The downside for both owned and earned media is that you are in a closed loop.  Primarily talking to friends, family and existing customers.
  • Aha! This is where Paid media comes into play. Us! Broadcast media is in the reach business, the voice of the communities that we serve. Upside: We reach tens of thousands of different eyes and ears on a weekly basis, and again the advertiser is in total control of the message.

With paid media, you REACH the masses with your advertiser’s message, and you have the ability to guide that message to the appropriate place in the decision making process. This is the sweet spot, where owned, earned and paid media converge. 

So, when asked about Broadcast Media’s future relevance. Rest assured that your place at the marketing table is quite secure. Broadcast Media provides massive reach, and Digital Media provides the depth necessary to create a well-informed consumer.

Reach + Depth= A highly effective ad campaign. And you are at the center of it all, the keeper of the message!

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