Advertising In Uncertain Times

Advertising In Uncertain Times

by | Mar 12, 2020

We’ve heard from many of you in response to clients or potential clients looking to opt-out and/or cancel advertising due to the coronavirus and economic downturn concerns. If this is something that you’re dealing with, I would invite you to log into your training account and watch the 8-minute video course titled, Advertising in a Down Economy.

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Within this course we will work on what to say to a client that is afraid to advertise in these uncertain times. Specifically we’ll examine the two options available to your customer: “Go”… or the dreaded “No-Go” and the consequences of each of those decisions. We’ll talk a little about Wall Street, we’ll also throw in a little history, but most importantly we’ll top it off with the five (5) reasons that there is no better time for your customer to build a brand than right NOW!

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While this course is not specific to the coronavirus, it speaks to the same concerns and opportunities of riding out tougher market conditions.

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