5 Tips To Successfully Onboard A New Hire

5 Tips To Successfully Onboard A New Hire

by | Feb 20, 2018

Do you find yourself asking, “whatever happened to that new person we hired? Avoid asking that question by following these “5 Tips To Successfully Onboard A New Hire” (Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization or orientations)

1. Make sure your company has a set plan on how to get a new hire up to speed.
Some companies assume the job is done once the deal is done but many candidates get cold feet before they start or within the first two weeks. What a waste of time and resources to not keep that new hire!

Senior people attending business training.jpeg2. Make sure the new hire is informed and engaged with the company from the beginning.
Define up front all expectations, daily duties, responsibilities and challenges. Do a meet and greet with staff so they know who does what. Have a schedule set for the first 30 days on training, going on calls, and when meetings are held. Let them know who to ask for with questions which leads us to…

3. Assign your new hire to a veteran.
Mentoring is becoming a popular program for many companies. When a new hire starts, they are assigned to a successful veteran who agrees to take them on calls, show them how to succeed and train them. That person receives an override on what the new hire bills for a set amount of time.

4. Court the new hire’s family. Make sure they are onboard and happy.
Find out what the spouse or partner’s interests are and send along tickets or gifts supporting that. Make sure the kids get to local attractions and the family attends sporting events. Load up a box of station shirts, mugs and other items as a welcome box for the family and express how happy you are they are on the team.

5. Provide a healthy learning environment.
Provide them with a solid training curriculum whether it be online training programs, webinars, conventions or all of the above. Let them know that you are investing in their success right from the start…. “Hey wait a minute, that’s what we provide!”

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