5 Tips for Reducing Stress Without Leaving Town

5 Tips for Reducing Stress Without Leaving Town

by | Jul 10, 2018

For most of us vacations and getting away provide you with the capacity to relieve stress from day to day life. However, from time to time it is just not possible to get out of town for your summer vacation. 

We have come up with our top 5 tips for reducing stress without leaving town.

  1. Local hotel stay-Everyone has that hotel where they have always wanted to stay. So here is your chance to live like a tourist! Get room service, hang out by the pool all day drinking your favorite beverage. RELAX! We promise you it will transport you into vacation mode.
  1. Plan a food tour-This must be done with friends or family, and is so much fun! Pick three places in your town you have always wanted to try. Then choose which location is your appetizer, which is your main course and which will be the dessert.  Or try items from each site and share with the group there are no rules. You get to hang out with your friends and try new restaurants. How could you go wrong!5 Tips for reducing stress
  1. Put down the phone/ tablet/ computer-We are all addicted to technology, but sometimes we need to step away and focus on the present not what is going on with others. This is easier said than done but try to have one day free of phones, computers, and other electronics. Consider this as a detox. Everyone feels much better after putting away those screens.
  1. Attack those DIY projects around the house-If you are like us, then you have those items you always want to do but put off. This is your chance to get those done. You will feel much better when they are finished and will alleviate that stress when at home.
  1. Take a Nap!-Because as adults we don’t get to do this enough! Sweet dreams.

Need help with managing stress on a day to day basis? P1 Learning has a Stress Management series that works to help you better understand and handle your stressors as well as how to avoid certain types of stress in your life.



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