5 Reasons Why You Should Use eLearning

5 Reasons Why You Should Use eLearning

by | Nov 6, 2019

Here at P1 Learning we love eLearning (of course, we’re a little bias). With hundreds of videos in our library from Business Math to Human Resources, we have learning tools for any situation. For instance, are you making the transition from an employee to a management role? Yep, we have content for that. What about content to help defeat a sales objection? Again, we can help you.

So whether you are using eLearning for your organization or not, here are a few items that will show you the benefits of utilizing this kind of service can have for you and your employees. 

1. People involved in online learning outperform their peers.

It’s true! According to a meta-study from the Department of Education, “individuals who took all (or part) of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.” Further, individuals who use blended learning do even better, which makes total sense! Think about it, most people forget a majority of what they are taught within the first 24 hours after the initial learning event.  To combat this “learning decay” P1 Learning typically sends out a 24-hour post-event online training course (7 – 10 minutes) that includes both testing and study document to further learning. This way we help transfer knowledge from short-term to long-term memory. 

2. 56% of individuals use online learning as their main source to get information

When you want to know information something what do you do? For most of us… we Google it and watch the “how-to” or “tips and tricks” video online. The problem with this is that those videos may not be training your teams the way you want things done. Having a time tested eLearning system will allow you to provide training tools and tips that align with your company’s mission and values 24/7/365.

3. eLearning increases employee retention rates

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, 94% of employees prefer eLearning because it gives them the ability to juggle the demands of their jobs better. They are more engaged because the classes are shorter plus it gives them the ability to revisit items at any time. Which is exactly why we try and keep our training content around 7 minutes or less. 

4. eLearning requires 40-60% less time than learning the same material in a traditional setting.

Think about it, with eLearning you don’t have the “to and from a classroom”. Your classroom is where you are. You can learn anywhere from your office, the park, or that desk that you rarely use in your home. Not having to stick to a particular time schedule for a class allows individuals to work learning around their day to day activities when they are ready to learn. Here at P1 Learning, we’re a big believer in the motto “family first”. So go attend your child’s soccer practice and once they head off to bed, you can stream your training directly from your mobile device.

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5. Using eLearning can help you keep you millennial workers longer

65% of Millennials say they choose their jobs because of the type of learning and development tools given to them. Do I need to repeat that!? 65% of Millennials value training! They want a company to invest in them. One of the top reasons younger workers are leaving their jobs is due to lack of support. 

Again, we’re a bit bias when it comes to eLearning, but you can see why it’s the way of the future. If you are not using online learning as a part of your company’s training and development tools, why not!? Register for free demo here and we’d be happy to help create a customized learning platform that will help you and your employees learn and grow for years to come! Oh, and if you’re a P1 Learning subscriber, thank you! We’d still love to connect to see how we can continue to cater to your needs and give you a bit of a platform refresher.

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