4 (Additional) Superhero Traits That Salespeople Have

4 (Additional) Superhero Traits That Salespeople Have

by | Jan 24, 2022

Back in 2019 (which feels like a million years ago) I wrote a blog about “4 Superhero Traits That Salespeople Have.” In this blog, we discussed the four traits superheroes and salespeople had in common (Resilience, Passion, Confidence, and Goal-Oriented), but did you know that these aren’t the only ones? Today, we will discuss four additional traits that both superheroes and salespeople have in common.

Being Driven: Superheroes are always driven by something. It would be safe to say that most are driven to help humanity be better. Salespeople also have to have something that drives them to be successful. What drives sellers to succeed can vary from money to job status, but the main thing is you have to have something that keeps you going and gives you your “why” to succeed. If you don’t know your “why,” then sit down and evaluate what is important to you and what goals you have for yourself and your life.

Awareness: Superheroes must be able to measure any given situation they are in quickly. And will need to if prompted to respond to what is going on around them. The same goes for sellers. Sellers need to be aware of what is going on during all stages of the sale.

  • Can they quickly read the room?
  • Did they pay attention to what was said to them and answer correctly?
  • Are they a good judge of character?

As a seller, you need to know not only your product but be able to understand the company you are pitching. Paying attention to all the small details can make the difference between them picking you over someone else.

Learner: Superheroes are always looking for ways to improve whether that be their fighting skills or how they approach situations — the same goes for great sellers. They are always educating themselves on the latest topic and trends in their field. Ask a salesperson you know that is at the top of their game about the last book they read or class they took. Top sellers are usually the ones who are doing what they can to continuously sharpen their skills through research, education, and using online training on platforms such as P1 Learning. (Shameless plug.)

Being Positive: Most superheroes become superheroes because they believe they can do something that will help their communities. They always try to see the good in others and are optimistic about the future. The same goes for sellers. The most successful sellers are those who can remain positive during adversity. Clients want to do business with people who are positive. And studies have shown that positive people outsell negative ones by a large margin. Why? Because being positive is infectious and people gravitate to those who are positive about what they are doing —  and what they are selling. In recent years, this trait has become essential for sellers. It is increasingly harder to stay positive but, if you can, superior results will follow.

If you are in sales, chances are you own one or more of these traits. And if you don’t, that’s OK! With time, you can achieve them. If you need help learning some of these skills, we got you covered. Our on-demand library has some great courses to choose from such as “Closing the Sale,” “Determining Customer Needs,” and “Building Great Sales Relationships.

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