Usage analytics? Yes, we provide that.

Usage analytics? Yes, we provide that.

by | Nov 5, 2013

iPadI’ve had a few conference calls regarding our online courseware. One of the most repetitive questions is…

How can I track employee usage?

The answer: “Login and click ‘Usage Report’

As a subscribing member of P1 Learning, managers can track full usage analytics of your team. You can see what courses each employee is watching, if they’re watching the course in full, their test results, and of course how many times each individual is taking the test. Are they taking it once and getting 95% or above. Or are they taking the test 5x’s and each time increasing their percentage (a.k.a. remembering the answers). Yes, we know how to cheat too.

Usage Analytics. Just one of the many benefits of using P1 Learning. Curious how to pull usage for your team? Contact our support team at or by dialing (888) 944-9377.

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