Tough work conversations…

Tough work conversations…

by | Sep 10, 2013

I find myself reading articles on CNN every morning before work, during lunch, and at 3pm for a little “me time”. (By the way, is it sad that “me time” consists of reading new articles?). Anyway, I found an article titled, “5 toughest work conversations“. They are…

1. “I want a raise”

2. “My performance review was unfair”

3. “Something shady (or illegal) is going on”

4. “I’m not getting what I need to do the job”

5. “Your strategy is ridiculous”

Surprised? Yeah… me neither. Seems to be fairly common in the workplace. BUT, they are real issues. And believe or not, P1 Learning caters to each of those topics in some sort of fashion. So go ahead. I encourage you to read the article by clicking here. But when you’re finished, do yourself a favor. Take the next step and watch a P1 Learning course or two. You might just find yourself enjoying work again.

– Bryan

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