4 Superhero Traits That Salespeople Have

4 Superhero Traits That Salespeople Have

by | Sep 25, 2019

Growing up, we all played the game “make-believe”. You know what I’m talking about… the ability to fly, to be invisible, have x-ray vision, etc. In short, we were able to be someone or something that we wish we could be. However, as we grew older we realized that not all of these traits are possible to possess. BUT! What if we looked at these superhero traits differently. Perhaps looked at them for the characteristics you can and do have. Are you with me? Case in point, as sellers we use some of these “superpowers” each day to close sales or make them more manageable. Let’s dive into a few of these traits in more detail.

1. Resilience

In the world of a superhero, not everyday is a win. You’re always fighting against evil forces for the greater good. When you look at the superhero, they don’t show their stress or frustration at the challenge at hand, they remain upbeat and never give up. The same can be said for sellers as hearing the word “no” or a negative response each day can be upsetting. After all rejection is a part of selling, but outstanding salespeople know that eventually, you will get to the “yes”. So don’t give up, stay the course and learn from all the no’s in your life. Practice this motto “some will, some won’t, so what, move on”.

So how do you get resilience? Don’t let the no’s stop you! Instead, learn from them, fine-tune your pitch and get back into the game. With time you will grow into a person that lives for the no so you can turn that into a yes. 


2. Passion

All superheroes share the same passion, and that is to make the world a better place. Excellent salespeople are passionate about making a difference in the lives they work with each day. It could be helping a small company grow or helping someone get the help they need for their business. Whatever it is, they believe that what they are doing for that individual is going to make a positive impact on them.

So how do you become passionate? It starts by selling a product that you believe works. If you don’t believe in what you are doing or selling you will never become passionate about it.

3. Confidence

For a superhero to be great, they have to be confident in themselves. Could you imagine Iron Man as a self-doubting introvert? Heck no! We love that secure and bold attitude. If you’re not confident in sales, you’ll never make it. People want to see that the person who stands behind the brand that they are buying believes in product of service themself. If they don’t, well…that sale probably will not happen. 

So how do you gain confidence? By learning everything you can about what you are selling so that you become the subject matter expert that everyone goes to for that product or service.

4. Goal-Oriented

Superheroes always have a goal in mind, save the world, or defeat the bad guy. And they will typically do whatever it takes to reach that goal. Now, I’m not saying the dark knight opened up his laptop and put together a 12-month time tested plan, but he knew what needed to be accomplished and he set out to do it. As a seller, if you do not have defined goals, you will never be successful. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to be the top biller within the marketplace? Are you trying to be the first thought of person when it comes to advertising? Are you trying to increase your monthly commission check? Maybe it’s all of the above, but you need to know what you are trying to accomplish; this is how you gauge success.

If you are in sales I am guessing you already have a few of these traits. And if you don’t that is okay with time you can achieve them! We have some great courses that can help you such as The Presentation, and The Sales Cycle and more.  Log into your account and watch courses today. Not a P1 Learning subscriber? Register for a 7-day demo, here.

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