Don’t Get Ghosted!

Don’t Get Ghosted!

by | Oct 30, 2018

There is a trend happening lately in companies called “ghosting” that’s shaping the way companies are hiring and onboarding employees. What is ghosting you might ask? You’ve come to the right place!

Ghosting is when a candidate either misses a scheduled job interview (in person or over the phone) or when the candidate is hired and either does not show up for the first day or comes to work and after a few days doesn’t return. According to an article in USA Today, up to 50% of workers (and applicants) are doing no shows in some form or another. Due to this ghosting has become a huge concern for companies. So, how do you keep candidates interested and engaged with your company when unemployment is at an all-time low, and job opportunities are increasing?
For starters, you need to change your mindset on the hiring and onboarding process. Instead of the candidates having to sell you on why they should work for you, you must sell them on why YOU are the right fit for them. Candidates have a lot of choices these days, and it is your job to make them pick you as their first preference.
Top things candidates are looking for when seeking new employment other than pay include:
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  • Stability
  • Security
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Company Culture
  • Leadership
  • Benefits
During the interview stage, it’s essential that you sell your company and make sure that the candidates you are interviewing know of all the features and advantages of working for you. Knowing what the average candidates are looking for can help you make sure you speak on these points during the interview. 
Okay, so now that you have the benefit and advantages of working for your company discussed with the candidate you need to make sure to review the exact day to day expectations of the position. Don’t surprise them on the first day with new duties, responsibilities, and expectations of the job. Over the years, people have lost trust and confidence quickly this way and working as a career development professional for over ten years I can say that when my candidates didn’t take the job, it was due to poor communication upfront during the interview process. Interviewing is a crucial stage and vital to the success of finding and retaining great talent. If you need help brushing up on your interviewing skills, watch our video “Interviewing Tips and Techniques”.
Onboarding is another area where companies lose great talent. During the entire process from interviewing all the way up to their first day and beyond you need to make sure the candidate feels welcomed and a part of the team.  On day one have your team ready to welcome the new hire, give them a tour and introduce them to all employees that you can. The more inclusive you are to new hires the more likely they will stay on and not disappear on you.  Get them set up with their trainer/mentor and make sure all items are ready for them to start with you and be successful in their role.
I can say from my personal experience from the hundreds of graduates and alumni that I have worked with not feeling a part of the team in that first week(s) can be devastating. And with so many options out there in today’s market, it would be easy for your candidate to leave and go to another opportunity… or worst, your competitor. Remember you are not the only company they were talking too. Others could still contact them in this stage, so you want to make sure they feel confident in their choice of working with you. If you need help with onboarding we have a series dedicated to this topic that can give you tools and tips for this process. 
Being ghosted by someone can be a scary thought and something that no one wants to happen to them. But the truth is, it can happen to anyone. What you can do is recognize the areas that you can improve to ensure this doesn’t happen for your company. Make sure that your communication with the candidate is upfront and complete during the interview process. Then, once hired make sure they feel welcome and included and provide them with the tools and training they need to be successful.

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