Become P1″ Within Your Marketplace”

Become P1″ Within Your Marketplace”

by | Oct 16, 2018

I am sure all of you have heard the quote from Dr. Seuss “Why fit in when you were born to stand out!”.29i_DrSeuss_large

Here at P1 Learning, our goal is to stand out as the premier choice for training sales professionals. We want to be the first thought (or first preference) in our clients’ minds to help them with their training needs and are always thinking of new innovative solutions. For example, we recently rolled out our P1 Futures Program and will be rolling out our P1 Solutions Driven Marketing Professional Program later this year. Each of these programs are need-based and geared to help individuals within our industry.

So how can you be P1 within your company? Here are a few thought starters…

Deliver Extraordinary Service
I know this seems like a no-brainer, but honestly, good service is hard to come by. According to an article from, 92% of companies surveyed reported a decline in customer satisfaction. Not only is this staggering, this is really sad! Especially with social media and word of mouth, this can become a huge issue for your company if not addressed. You don’t have to be a part of that number! All you need to do is ensure that you and your company is providing your clients and customers with the service they deserve. Listen to feedback and be timely in response to those concerns.

Come Up with Something New

People like to see innovation. Sure, it’s okay to do some things like your competitor, but in order to stand out, you need to go above and beyond what you are currently doing. Have companies meetings to brainstorm new ideas. Poll your co-workers as they know your company best. Search for both the positive and negative attributes. If you need help with a brainstorming session, login and check out our course titled, Rethinking Brainstorming.

Position Yourself as the Expert In Your Field

Here at P1 Learning, we are experts in online learning for the media industry. Whatever your station or company is known for, make sure you position yourself as the marketing expert or the queen/king of on-air. People are drawn to those who believe they have the best product and can prove it. How you become the expert in your field can be from credible articles written about your organization, testimonials from clients, or by watching really good training content… okay, that might have been a plug to log in and watch our courses. But seriously, allow us to help you become P1 within your marketplace. Contact our support team, and we’ll get you started on your path to success. 
To sum everything up, being first preference relies heavily on being proactive. Taking the initiative to deliver extraordinary service, to come up with something new, and to position yourself as the expert in your field are just a few ways we suggest furthering your career. But, if you want to go a step further our new P1 Solution-Driven Marketing Professional curriculum will challenge you to grow your clientele through hands-on learning materials that apply to your current sales situation. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, you’ll not only have the tools to get the new clients and renewals you’re looking for, but also recognition for your efforts in improving your sales expertise. Think of it as P1 Learning being proactive in helping you further your career. This program is being launched today, to get more details on how you can become a P1 Solution-Driven Marketing Professional click on the banner below!

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