5 Tips to Hiring Right

5 Tips to Hiring Right

by | Feb 13, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a stork that delivered outstanding new sales people to your office? Well, don’t hurt your neck looking up!

Allow us to present to you, the “5 Tips To Hiring Right” (we would have had ten tips but the red wine ran out).

1. Throw out a lot of your past rules for hiring.
Terms like “8-5 job”, “salesperson”, and “relocating” could be “no-no’s”. Millennials don’t like the label “sales”. They feel they are helping clients create solutions. You may also want your internal team to put together a line in the budget to cover their work from different departments (at least for hiring purposes).

2. Know what your market pays AE’s in addition to your industry.
You’re in competition not just within the industry but with companies citywide who are all looking for that one great candidate. Know what they could make elsewhere. You may be surprised.

3. 100% commission. Hello Turnover!
Paying new hires on 100% commission or insinuating that they may develop into this can scare people away, especially Millennials.

4. Go after passive candidates.
Your hiring ads usually bring in people who are not really qualified for the job. Learn how to go after the targeted individuals not looking for a job but would be an ideal match for your company.

5. If after two weeks, the only thing your new hire knows is the location of the coffee machine, you’ve just poured a cup of failure.
There are important steps to onboarding a new hire including not having them start on certain days, setting up a mentor, and daily follow ups. We even have pre-onboarding tips to ease the path to attracting that new candidate along with full courses to get them up to speed after they join your team.

Learn how to “hire, train, retain” from our gang who don’t have diapers hanging from their stork beaks.

Looking for more tips and tricks on media hiring and recruiting? Sit back and take a look at our FREE video creatively titled, “Finding Sales Candidates”.


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