Rise Above Your Competitors in 2024

Featuring lessons from the best trainers in the business, Rising Above is a day-and-a-half live virtual training event designed to teach, coach, inspire and motivate attendees to rise above the challenges of today’s sales and management environment.

Rising Above 5 was held on Wednesday, January 24th, 2024 for Leaders and Managers and then again on Thursday, January 25th, 2024 for Sellers.

Registration for Rising Above was free for participating for State Broadcasters Associations. 

Streamed Directly To You – OTT Style

Rising Above 5 will be live-streamed through our new OTT video training platform, the Ten-Minute Trainer Network. Think the power of Netflix, but focused on solving the daily challenges of the broadcast industry.

The old way of online training (webinars, bulky learning management systems, etc.) needed a major facelift, so we rethought everything, starting with the launch of the Ten-Minute Trainer Network mobile app (iOS & Android) so you can stream content on the go, when and wherever you are.

Summit Hosts

Derron Steenbergen

Swagger Institute

Speed Marriott

P1 Learning

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