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There is a new ailment out there that is plaguing many members of our industry. These individuals suffer from the disease S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome). S.O.S. is the quest to always be in search of the newest, latest, and hottest ideas and concepts. And like most things, S.O.S. is not bad in moderation. But the truly

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Create Your Own Future

I finally had a chance to watch the Ashton Kutcher film “Jobs” last night on pay-per-view. I must admit that I’m not a fan of the movie, but I am without a doubt a fan of its lead character. I felt that Kutcher’s portrayal of Steve Jobs was a bit one dimensional. He had the

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Radio Show: OnDemand Video

Our friends from the NAB/RAB Radio Show just posted Speed Marriott’s segment, Closing the Sale. Feel free to view the entire segment below featuring Pam Lontos’s Addressing Objections, or skip ahead to Speed’s segment which starts at 12:25. Thanks again to all of those who attended the entire Sales Consultant Series last Friday. What a great

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The Dreaded Close

When I received the call from the RAB’s John Potter asking me to speak along with seven other sales trainers at this year’s NAB Radio Show, I was excited to participate. The topic is “The Sales Cycle.” Awesome! That’s a subject that we handle every day at P1 Learning. I asked John what segment he would

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Digital Marketing Budget

I came across this article in a recent edition of the I.A.B. SmartBrief eNewsletter. If you are not currently subscribing to this publication published daily by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, you should be. It’s free, well written and I believe one of the best sources available to us regarding the ever-changing digital world. This specific

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